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Excerpt from 

The Matrix Teachings

Free Yourself from the Invisible Prison,


Survive Ego Death,


And Birth Your Dreams

My Mission


My mission is assisting with the creation of a nonviolent humanity who lives in harmony with Mother Earth. This mission has evolved over twenty five years. In the beginning, I primarily practiced energetic bodywork, like craniosacral therapy, that focused solely on physical healing. I had already realized the connection with emotion and our thoughts. Eventually I began to see that our soul was speaking to us through our body.

In 2000, I treated my first war veteran. As my work shifted, I seemed to be called deep into the world of war veterans. In 2006, I married one. My work became entirely focused on military PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) for ten years. During these years, it became clear to me that violence is the root of our wounds. I also became clear that these unhealed wounds not only hurt us, but they hurt the planet as well.

Violence is a strong word. I traced violence in my family back to my great, great Grandmother, Elizabeth Collins. She was known as the Cattle Queen of Montana. My great, great Grandmother witnessed extreme violence in the late 1800’s. That was during the time when, to put it simply, the white people were taking over the Native Americans. I saw how this affected her daughter, my grandfather and me. I began to look energetically at the root of violence and how it shows up in later generations, affecting the lives of everyone who shares a connection with the original violence.

Violence shows up later as anger, shame and oppression. This energy bleeds through the generations and permeates human life. I became focused on this single truth. War has to stop and we have to stop devastating the environment. My mission honed in on our need to focus on creating peace with each other and with Mother Earth.

We have reached a pivotal time on Planet Earth. The energy is going in the right direction. The energetic constructs that birth physical reality have changed. While new energies have formed a magnificent energetic construct (the lightworker matrix) that encompasses Mother Earth, old energies are imploding and fighting harder than ever to survive. The lightworker matrix has been formed by the energy of compassion. As the word lightworker may have many meanings to us, we could simply say, the compassionate human. We could say that the compassion matrix is the new energy matrix. The lightworker matrix and the compassion matrix are the same thing.

In human language this means that it has never been easier for us to create the reality that we desire. It also means that the negative energies are more condensed, so fear seems more rampant. The paradox is that at the time on Planet Earth when we ought to be the most excited, many of us are the most frightened.

By now, many of us have spent decades healing ourselves. We have worked hard. As compassion and peace are being birthed planetarily, we often plug into the doomsday picture being broadcast. It is a time of great confusion.

 The negative energy that sprouts violence is the same destructive energy that creates environmental devastation. These dense survival based energies are leaving the planet. We are evolving into the energy of compassion. Compassionate energy honors life, respects sacred space and recognizes that we are all connected.

Birthing a compassionate humanity who honors Mother Earth is exactly what we are doing. In order to do this, we must unplug from the energies that are limiting us or free ourselves from the invisible prison. We cannot be confined by an energetic prison once we know that it is there. Yes, we will change. We will awaken in the process of realizing that our limits were never real. A part of us will die as we are rebirthing, an ego death. We will survive to birth our dreams. This is why we came. We came to birth the dream. Two simple things - we stop killing each other - and we stop destroying the planet. The dream - peaceful humanity - harmony with Mother Earth. How do we do this?

How do we take on such a grand mission in the face of so many travesties? We start by healing ourselves. We do not get stuck in ego death. We move through our own evolution into aware beings. We become conscious creators. We realize that we are energetic beings and that we have Infinite Energy at our beck and call. We birth our individual dreams and we birth our collective dream. As we birth our individual dreams, we are energetically assisting with the birthing of the collective dream.

The mission is creating a peaceful humanity who lives in Harmony with Mother Earth. I accept this mission. So do you. I know you do.

The energy is here.

The energy is now.

It is time.

Mary Plaza 2017 ©

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