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We are energy.

The single most important thing that must be understood first is that we are energy. I share this not from reading books or listening to other teachers. I have been able to see energy for 25 years. I see not only individual energy fields, I see how all the energy fields connect. Because energy is not bound by space or time, we are literally infinite beings. As infinite beings, our creative potential is a mystery to us.  

We create energetically collectively, not individually.

The entire new age teaching of "I create my reality" is a partial truth. In truth, we are all creating reality together, collectively. This means that your energy has the potential to affect positive change on the planet. Learning to manage your own energy gives you the maximum potential for affecting positive change on the planet. 

Our ego matrix changes as we spiritually expand and this change is experienced as ego death.

There seems to be extreme polarities on teaching ego death. Many teachers just ignore it. They teach that spirituality is light and love, roses, peaches and cream. The other extreme are those who teach about the horrors of ego death. I simply teach the energetics of ego death.  Ego death is a rebirthing, and it is how we spiritually expand.   

Four core wounds cloud our ability to create, but there are four core truths.

The four core wounds are the perfection, worthiness, shame and death wound. They are universal wounds. They tell us that we cannot do anything perfectly enough, we are not worthy, we are not free and we are going to die. I cover them in detail in The Matrix Teachings. The four core truths are that we cannot do it wrong, we are worthy, we are free and we are eternal. As we expand spiritually, we energetically clear these wounds. As each of us heals individually, we add to the healing energy on the planet. We assist with creating a planet of compassion by healing these wounds. 

If we learn to manage our energy, we become quantum creators.

Until we learn to manage our own energy, we are essentially creating from a matrix of illusion. We are bound by imaginary limits and wounds. Even if we attempt to create from our thoughts, we are missing the big picture. We are energetic beings and we create from heart and soul. Our mind is the gateway, but our heart guides the way. The existing energetic constructs that bind our creative abilities are far more easy to overcome if we understand the energy behind them. Quantum creators are not bound by existing reality or pathways of the past. Quantum creators have exponentially more power than those who do not know how to access their core energetic power.

The planet is heading for peace, not the end of the world. 

The dense survival based energies that are leaving the planet want you to think it is the end. These are the energies that are fighting harder than ever to survive. They are the stories in the news. They are like flies buzzing as hard as they can, giving it one last gasp to stay alive. Racism, hatred and oppression are being energetically driven off the planet by increasing energies of tolerance, love and peace. If we plug in to the doomsday picture and move into fear, then our creative energy is diminished. More than any other time ever on this planet, it is a time to see hope and the positive changes that are happening. 


My three book series coming out that walks you through these teachings are:

Book 1:  The Matrix Teachings  - Free Yourself from the Invisible Prison, Survive Ego Death and Birth Your Dreams

Available now on Barnes and Noble and Amazon

Book 2:  50 Ways to Raise Your Vibration - Your Guide to Energetic Self Care

Due out in January 2019

Book 3:  Quantum Creator - The Energetics of Dream Birthing

Due out in March 2019


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