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About Mary Plaza


Ranch Girl and 5th Generation Montanan


First things first, I am a ranch girl. I was raised on 40,000 acres of Montana’s ranch country. I broke horses, herded cattle, skinned beaver and drove tractors. I was taught by my grandfather, the grandson of the Cattle Queen of Montana, Elizabeth Collins, that not only could girls break horses and skin beaver - but we could probably do it better than boys. My Grandfather also instilled in me the teaching "If we take care of Mother Earth - she will take care of us."



Structural Engineer, Mother and Healer


My passion for mechanical physics lead me into the field of structural engineering. Around 1993, I became interested in energetic healing. I have been able to see the energetic matrix from the first time I touched a person with the intention of healing. As an engineer I became obsessed with the physical and tangible, energetic goings-on of the universe. This all coincided with the time when I realized that western medicine could not assist in healing a permanent and debilitating neck injury, nor any other injuries. This cathartic moment was what I like to call a “shattering matrix,” though I could just as easily explain that as one door I found familiar started closing, another door was opening with a welcome mat in front of it.


Mystical Initiations and Quantum Vision

My work encompasses over two decades of formulating my teachings. My initial training was in craniosacral therapy. I am initiated in Huna, Shamanism and tantra as well. Because I actually see energy, I can provide insight and tools that allow people to shift reality almost instantly. More important than my ability to see energy, is my ability to teach you how to manage your own energy.


Author and Teacher

In 2017, after ten years of working on The Matrix Teachings, the manuscript is complete and off to a publisher.  The book is currently in editing. I will continue to work one on one until the book is out and I am doing workshops. My clients include people in ego death, people in transition and people dealing with PTSD.

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